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Santa Claus, The Employee

the Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 12/1/2015
Delivering presents to the good little boys and girls all over the world in a single night is hard work. Of course, Santa Claus makes it look easy with his twinkling eyes and merry dimples, magical sleigh, and team of eight tiny flying reindeer. But does that mean he is any less entitled to compensation?… Read More

5 Terms Every Employer Should Know About Disability Law

the Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 10/12/2015
The world of workforce management includes a multitude of “terms of art;” These are words or phrases that have taken on special meaning to human resources professionals and their counsel. Those terms related to disability discrimination law are particularly distinctive. Even those who are well-versed in other areas of human resources law, often find it… Read More

OSHA Issues New Guide To Restroom Access For Transgender Workers

the Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 6/8/2015
One of the more challenging laws against discrimination involves workplace accommodations for transgender employees. This particular protected class has been the law in Washington State since 2006 but only recently been spotlighted with some help from Caitlyn Jenner. It is estimated that more than 700,000 adults in the U.S. are transgender. Under Washington law, "gender… Read More

The $7.21 Million Question: Are Your Unpaid Internships Illegal?

the Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 4/29/2015
Last month, Viacom, Inc., the world’s sixth largest mass media company, settled a class-action lawsuit with 12,500 former interns. Viacom, the owner of Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon, will have to pay out $7.21 million to interns who claim that they were paid less than minimum wage or not paid at all. While the initial… Read More

Your Employment Handbook: Friend Or Foe?

the Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 1/9/2015
Costco recently found out the hard way just how important every policy, every word, in your employee handbook is. This past week, in Marini v Costco Wholesale Corp., a long-term Costco employee with Tourette’s syndrome made this point against the warehouse superstore. Marini alleged that he was harassed by his co-workers for his disability, asked… Read More

Public Employees Entitled to Two Additional Unpaid Holidays for Faith or Conscience

the Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 10/13/2014
In an interesting effort to accommodate non-Judeo-Christian public employees, a new Washington law, which took effect on June 12, 2014, gives public employees an additional two unpaid holidays per calendar year "for reasons of faith or conscience." The measure amends RCW 1.16.050, which had granted public employees one paid floating holiday per calendar year in addition… Read More

Washington Court Holds Employers Can Retaliate Against Indepedent Contractors

the Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 9/29/2014
An independent contractor truck driver named Larry Currier heard another driver “yell ... at a Latino driver ... ‘[h]ey, f**ing Mexican, you know why you have to go to Portland and I don’t? Because f**ing Mexicans are good at crossing borders.’” Currier also reports previously having heard other racially motivated slurs and comments directed at a… Read More

New law impacting Seattle employers – Effective November 1, 2013

Washington State Employment Law Lawyer Dimitra S. Scott | 10/31/2013
The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to adopt a new ordinance that grants criminal offenders special rights in job application processes.  Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 14.17 regulates the use of criminal background information in employment decisions.  Absent a “legitimate business reason”, employers are prohibited from using criminal convictions as the basis for denying employment for… Read More

New Washington Social Media Law Protects Employees’ Accounts

the Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 6/12/2013
In response to growing issues related to privacy and an employee's online presence, Governor Jay Inslee recently signed s new law making it unlawful for employers to require an employee or applicant to disclose social networking website usernames or passwords, or to force an employee or applicant to add any person to the employee’s list… Read More

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