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Washington Legislation to Address Discrimination in Home Ownership

Washington State Business and Real Estate Law Lawyer Per E. Oscarsson | 6/26/2023
The state of Washington recently enacted the covenant homeownership account and program act.  The purpose of the act is to address the state’s “history of housing discrimination due to racially restrictive real estate covenants” of various types. Under the act, one or more special purpose credit programs will be created to provide down payment and… Read More

What to Expect at an Arraignment

Washington State Litigation Lawyer Kelsey L. Affronte | 4/4/2023
As a former prosecutor, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide context about what to expect at an arraignment hearing. This is the first hearing after a defendant has been charged with a crime. Arraignments are extremely formulaic - the defendant is informed of the charges against them, receives a trial date, and the… Read More

Penalty Clauses In Contracts- Beware

Washington State Litigation Lawyer Andrew M. McKenzie | 3/1/2023
Many people assume that every clause in a contract is enforceable, so long as it was agreed to.  But that is not true, and parties who make that assumption without further analysis do so at their peril. Typical contract scenarios could include the following: Scenario A:  A and B enter into a contract that A… Read More