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When Is A Settlement Final?

Washington State Real Estate Law Lawyer Andrew M. McKenzie | 1/30/2023
Most litigation ends in some form of settlement without a trial actually taking place.  But one critical question becomes, “At what point in time does a party enjoy protection from further litigation via a settlement agreement?”  A recent unpublished decision illustrates the perils of assuming a settlement is a done deal when there are still… Read More

Washington Supreme Court Rejects Effort to Recall Governor Inslee Based on COVID-19 Proclamations

Washington State Litigation Lawyer Todd J. Cook | 5/9/2022
In 2020, Governor Jay Inslee issued dozens of proclamations to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of those proclamations went so far as to order all non-essential workers to “Stay Home – Stay Healthy.”  It cannot be doubted that the Governor’s COVID-19 proclamations had real and meaningful impacts on the daily lives of Washingtonians.  Like all… Read More