Litigation Avoidance

Every year, employers spend millions of dollars defending themselves in lawsuits brought by current and former employees.  Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective, time-saving means of avoiding workplace litigation.  The best approach to preventing disputes, and the best defense to charges and lawsuits, is the maintenance of lawful and up-to-date workplace policies and practices that are effectively communicated and fairly and consistently applied.

Beresford Booth attorneys partner with you to understand your business, its culture and its managers.  We are thus an accessible resource for the prevention of workplace issues.  We will draft policies and handbooks that recognize the objectives of management and the needs of employees.  Your employee handbook can be your best friend or your worst enemy in litigation with a current or former employee. It is entirely dependent upon what it includes and your policy language. Many employers have inadvertently created binding contracts with their employees due to carelessness in drafting. Your handbook is a living document that must remain current and correct in order to fully protect you and your business.

We also provide counsel and training to managers and supervisors on the application, enforcement, and documentation of these policies. These steps taken together in a strategic fashion can help avoid the financial and emotional havoc a lawsuit can wreck on your business.