Management Anti-Harassment Training

Posted: May 17, 2018

By: Washington State Employment Law Lawyer Elizabeth L. Van Moppes

If you are an employer or a manager, the flood of #MeToo news should have you thinking about potential pitfalls hiding in your workplace culture. Training your managers and yourself is your best tool for uncovering issues and preventing others from developing. It is also your best defense against lawsuits.

Here’s how Beresford Booth can help:

On Tuesday, June 12th, beginning at 10:30 a.m.Beth Van Moppes will be conducting a 90-minute Management Anti-Harassment Training Class.

You can attend from your own office via a real-time interactive video broadcast or you can attend on-site at our offices in Edmonds.
Cost is $100.00 for the 1st attendee from your business; $75.00 for every additional attendee.

In this Management Anti-Harassment Training course you will:

  • Learn the basics of the law,
  • Pick up practical tips to prevent workplace harassment,
  • Learn to spot issues at your own place of work and how to manage them,
  • Learn how to handle complaints of harassment,
  • Obtain common sense practices to protect yourself and your business,
  • Receive a Resource Guide, and
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion for your Personnel Records.

The reality is that workplace harassment lawsuits impact businesses through lost productivity, lost revenue and lost employee morale. Training prepares you to identify behaviors before they become bigger issues. It teaches you how to correct the problem, protect against retaliation, and improve your workplace. Training your managers also tells them and your employees that you value them. And it is a defense against certain damages in lawsuits, limiting your exposure if an employee quits without bringing a problem to your attention. All in all, it saves you money and makes your workforce happier in the long run.

This course is taught by Elizabeth (Beth) Van Moppes. Beth has been conducting this type of training for more than 20 years for a variety of audiences, from auto shops and cold storage warehouses to health care and financial executives. She has learned through the years that to be effective, training must be concrete and practical. It also has to be interesting for the attendees; they learn more when they are awake. As a result, Beth’s trainings are as interactive and engaging as they are pertinent to your workforce management.

We hope you will join us in June.

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