NW Lawyer On WSBA Panel With Beth Van Moppes: “Decoding The Law,” Sexual Harassment & #Metoo

Posted: Aug 20, 2018

By: Washington State Employment Law Lawyer Elizabeth L. Van Moppes

Elizabeth Van Moppes participated in a panel conversation hosted by the Washington State Bar Association (“WSBA”) this past March. Carrie Blackwood, Jamal Whitehead, Marilyn Watkins, and Ceci Lopez also participated, ensuring that all sides of the discussion were present for a lively afternoon. A primary focus of Ms. Van Moppes’s contribution included what to expect if you are participating in a workplace investigation.

Excerpts from that panel (“Sexual Harassment — How is #MeToo transforming the workplace?”) are featured in WSBA’s July publication of NWLawyer.

Article from NWLawyer

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