Trade Secrets, Non-Competition And Non-Solicitation Agreements

Beresford Booth attorneys have a proven track record of helping employers protect themselves from unfair competition.  In addition to working with clients to develop comprehensive trade secret protection programs, our preventative services include:

  • Drafting non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, assignment of invention agreements and similar documents;
  • Preparing executive and individual employment agreements;
  • Consulting on electronic information retention and security policies; and
  • Training managers on policies regarding confidential information, non-competition agreements and the like.

Through these precautionary efforts, we put your business in the best possible situation should it become necessary to litigate any claim for breach of non-competition agreements, theft of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty, employee raiding or unfair trade practices.

Additionally, we occasionally provide individual managers with guidance and help interpreting agreements they have entered into with their employers.  Managers often use this opportunity to educate themselves and avoid common pitfalls when transitioning to another employer or considering starting their own business.