Van Moppes Authors 2017 Washington Deskbook Chapter on Workplace Investigations in Litigation

Posted: Mar 14, 2018

By: Washington State Employment Law Lawyer Elizabeth L. Van Moppes

Elizabeth Van Moppes recently authored the 2017 Washington State Association for Justice Employment Law Deskbook Chapter on the Role of Workplace Investigations in Employment Law Claims. Available to WSAJ members only, this Deskbook and, specifically the Investigations Chapter, is designed to assist employment law litigators in their practice, with an investigator’s approach to the task at hand.

Within the Investigations Chapter, Ms. Van Moppes utilizes her years of experience conducting independent investigations, and the training available from the Association of Workplace Investigators, to provide the litigator with an outline for analyzing an investigation’s role in an employment law litigation. The Chapter includes items for an employer to delineate prior to advancing into an investigation, such as the scope of the investigation, as well as considerations for an investigator during the investigation process itself, such as how witness interviews should be documented. Additionally, Ms. Van Moppes has provided specific substance for an investigative report, including the investigative standard, the findings, the analyses, and any credibility assessment. Finally, the Investigations Chapter reflects upon the investigator’s role as a witness to the litigation itself; as such, it covers the issues of attorney-client privilege, work product immunity, and waiver, among other legal analyses.

Having authored and co-authored previous iterations of chapters on employment law defenses for the then-WSTLA Deskbook as far back as 2009, Ms. Van Moppes is proud to have been asked by the WSAJ to contribute this Chapter on Workplace Investigations.

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