Van Moppes Earns Accredited Investigator Certification

Posted: Oct 12, 2017

By: BeresfordBooth

In March of this year (2017), Elizabeth Van Moppes became an accredited Investigator Certification Holder. She attended the Association of Workplace Investigators week-long Training Institute and then sat for, and passed, the half-day examination. This is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited certificate under Certificate Accreditation Program (CAP). Obtaining a certificate means that the student has demonstrated success in achieving the stated learning outcomes of the training program. This particular program’s purpose and scope are to teach the core knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform impartial workplace investigations.

The core knowledge taught at the AWI Training Institute includes bias, planning, law, evidence, credibility, ethics and post-investigation processes. The skills focus includes interviewing, analysis and report writing skills. These are then tested during a three-part half-day of examinations. These include an interview assessment, a knowledge test, and an analysis and report writing assessment. For more information on the Training Institute and Examination, please see training_inst.

If you have questions about a potential investigation, please contact the Beresford Booth attorney with whom you work or Elizabeth Van Moppes directly.

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