Wage And Hour Compliance

The frequent revisions to the Fair Labor Standards Act and Washington State wage and hour laws along with the dramatic growth of multiple plaintiff and class action lawsuits under federal and state laws have made this area a pressing concern for employers.  Beresford Booth attorneys guide clients in compliance with federal and state laws governing:

  • Independent contractor status;
  • Entitlement to overtime or other premium pay;
  • Calculation of overtime pay;
  • Recordkeeping obligations; and
  • Payment of and withholding of vacation, personal or sick pay.

In these ways, we assist employers with the creation and administration of practices that comply with wage-hour and paid time off requirements, including:

  • Developing, reviewing, revising, and auditing wage and compensation policies;
  • Assisting with proper classification of exempt, nonexempt and independent contract workers;
  • Structuring commissions, bonuses, incentive payments and other compensation programs; and
  • Reviewing overtime pay calculations.

Through the development of effective strategies, we can help employers minimize the cost of legal compliance.  With this aim, we help our clients with the creation of job descriptions, auditing of their payroll practices and the impact of disciplinary measures on any given employee.