Advice from Family Law Attorneys

Mackenzie O. Bretz Edmonds Lawyer

Here at Beresford Booth, I work with many experienced and knowledgeable family law attorneys. This week I put my boots on the ground and interviewed each one of them, to ask, what’s a piece of advice you would give to someone just beginning the divorce process, their answers may surprise you…

Dimitra S Scott: “Keep kids at the forefront of your mind when determining the relief you seek.”

Anne B. Bennette: “Pretend like a judge is going to read all of your text messages to a court room of all of your family and friends.”

Connor M. Wicknick: “Try speaking with your spouse and engage in spousal therapy if available.”

Andrea Lopez: “Do not involve the children.”

Lisa H. Do: “Getting divorced is a process and for many that process cannot happen quickly. Be patient, be willing to take the time to obtain all necessary information and be willing to think through all the issues and the impact on your family. Rushing will only mean regretting decisions made to be “done” and continuing problems and litigation post-divorce. Being ready to do the hard work now, while difficult, will be beneficial in the long run.”

Jasmine Brown: “Have a thorough understanding of financial situation and talk to a CPA or financial advisor if necessary.”

Amanda N. Gamble: “Find a therapist. Divorcing the person you spent years of your life with, even when amicable, is emotional. It will undoubtedly take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. It is best you have an outlet to channel those emotions and to have someone that can help you process the change.”

Drew Tingstad: “Attorneys are expensive, compromise where you can. Don’t do a visitation schedule for a dog/pet.”

Trish Ruis: “Have your ducks in a row. If you are preparing to meet with an attorney to discuss a dissolution, start a file with documentation (financials, etc.) and make notes about issues like parenting plans, child support, spousal maintenance, division of assets and debts, etc. Make a list of questions that you have handy when you meet with your attorney. This can help to streamline your initial consultation and ensures your initial questions/concerns about the process are answered.”

Mackenzie O. Bretz: “Life will be different, but for the better. Embrace the change, try new things, and seek therapy if you’re not in it already. Also, be honest with your attorney, they need to know the good, the bad and the ugly to properly advise you.”

Kelsey L. Affronte: “To be the calm in the storm. Divorce is naturally emotional which can lead to high conflict. Stop, take a breath, and rise above.”

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