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Safeguarding Your Business: Unfair Competition and Tortious Interference

Washington State Litigation Lawyer Dexter N. Bradford | 4/9/2024
Introduction In today’s competitive business environment, allegations of unfair competition and tortious interference are not uncommon. This post will provide an overview of these legal concepts and offer strategies to shield your business from such claims. Unfair Competition: An Overview Unfair competition encompasses several types of business conduct that can harm another business or mislead… Read More

Rights and Responsibilities Pertaining to Encroaching Trees and Boundary Trees

Washington State Business and Real Estate Law Lawyer Babak Shamsi | 4/1/2024
Us residents of Washington State often consider ourselves lucky to live in an area with an abundance of beautiful trees. Naturally, however, the ubiquity of beautiful trees throughout our state has led to the growth of a significant body of law relating to the ownership and maintenance of trees as between neighboring property owners. Indeed, my colleagues… Read More

The Escalator Principle: Military Employee Rights When Returning from Leave

Washington State Litigation Lawyer Dexter N. Bradford | 3/27/2024
Introduction The escalator principle is a concept that applies to the employment and reemployment rights of uniformed service members who take a leave of absence from their civilian jobs to perform military duty. The principle is based on the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), a federal law that protects service members from… Read More

Does a Real Estate Contract Affect Your Property?

Washington State Business and Real Estate Law Lawyer Per E. Oscarsson | 3/27/2024
Real estate contracts were a common form of providing for the purchase and sale and financing of real estate. Under real estate contracts, the buyer purchased the property from the seller and agreed to pay the seller the balance of the purchase price in installments.  (Real estate contracts are to be distinguished from the now… Read More

Housing Reform Stalls in 2024

Washington State Business and Real Estate Law Lawyer Babak Shamsi | 3/25/2024
In 2023, the Washington State legislature passed multiple statutes in an effort to tackle the housing issues facing the public, chief among them, HB 1110 discussed here and here, and HB 1337 discussed here and here (the latter discussing HB 1110 as well). The passing of these laws will have a significant impact on housing in Washington… Read More