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How to Prove Fraud

Washington State Litigation Lawyer J Patrick Diener | 3/9/2023
Fraud is a very popular claim in civil litigation, but it is one of the most difficult causes of action to prove in court.  Many people think if someone tells them something that turns out to be untrue, they have an ironclad case of fraud, but it is not so simple.  Though fraud can arise… Read More

Taylor Swift and Estate Litigation –
an Unlikely Duet

Washington State Litigation Lawyer William O. Kessler | 3/9/2023
In her hit song “Anti-Hero,” Taylor Swift includes the lyric I have this dream my daughter-in-law kills me for the moneyShe thinks I left them in the willThe family gathers 'round and reads it and then someone screams out"She's laughing up at us from hell" Ms. Swift raises some interesting legal issues here. This post… Read More

They Did What? With Who!? Social Media and my Divorce Case

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Mackenzie O. Bretz | 3/8/2023
Some people may say “You are what you post” and during your divorce proceeding, this quote can become even more meaningful. In this day and age, you may be hard pressed to find an adult who is not active on some kind of social media site. Whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a site… Read More

Congratulations to our Adoption/ART practice on a new website and a recent distinction for our Practice Group Chair!

The Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 3/8/2023
In addition to serving business clients locally and throughout Washington, Beresford Booth also helps families to grow through our Adoption and Assisted Reproduction practice. Our team includes leaders regionally and nationally in this area. Collectively, they have helped thousands of families in adoption and assisted reproduction matters throughout the country. To highlight this leading practice,… Read More

What are my Rights as a Stepparent Going Through a Divorce?

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Mackenzie O. Bretz | 3/3/2023
Helping to raise your partners children can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, however, more and more people find themselves in a complicated custody battle regarding a child who is not theirs biologically. The care and kindness you showed your stepchild doesn’t just dissipate after your divorce. Read more if you want to become well… Read More

What is Estoppel in Pais?

Washington State Business and Real Estate Law Lawyer Babak Shamsi | 3/2/2023
In Washington State, several doctrines have emerged to protect the rights of real property owners who have long used areas of land that do not actually sit within the record boundaries of their own property. Classic examples include buildings that developers have built in a fashion that encroaches upon neighboring land, or owners placing a… Read More