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Should I Put My Primary Residence In An LLC?

Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad | 6/11/2021
Because I work so closely with real estate investors who use LLCs for their investment properties, I am frequently asked whether they should put their primary residence in an LLC. Most people are aware that an LLC can provide liability protection for assets and may provide tax benefits. There are substantial downsides, however, associated with… Read More

Webinar – Business Sales 101

BeresfordBooth | 6/11/2021
June 10th, 2021 David C. Tingstad and Per E. Oscarsson discuss the business sale process, and they address common confusions that many sellers experience. Read More

Fiduciary Duties And Your Washington LLC: You May Have Heard About Them But What Are They?

Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad | 6/2/2021
Virtually every lawsuit involving disputes among owners of closely held or family-owned businesses includes a claim for “breach of fiduciary duty”.  You may have heard of a fiduciary duty, but would you know one if you saw it?  In this week’s post, let us discuss fiduciary duties in the context of Washington LLCs. Loyalty, Care,… Read More

Can I Assign My Commercial Lease? (Part 1- When Can The Landlord Refuse To Consent?)

Washington State Litigation and Real Estate Law Lawyer Andrew M. McKenzie | 6/2/2021
Businesses’ needs are constantly evolving.  As a company’s size grows or shrinks through the natural business cycle, changes in the business model, mergers, spinoffs, retirements, and other factors, the company’s need for leased space also changes.  Changes are not always predictable far in advance.  As a result, your business might sign a long-term lease for… Read More

Low-Income Tenants To Receive A Right To Counsel In Washington State

Washington State Business & Real Estate Lawyer Babak Shamsi | 5/25/2021
On Thursday, April 22nd, Jay Inslee signed into law a right to counsel guaranteeing to low-income residential tenants the right to counsel during the eviction process. Although Seattle, and several other cities, had similar laws already on the books, Washington State has now established itself as the first state to pass such legislation. Washington appears to… Read More

Professional LLC Or Professional Service Corporation – What Is The Difference?

Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad | 5/19/2021
Lawyers, doctors, accountants, and other professionals cannot engage in the “corporate” practice of their professions, except through authorized entities.  Professional LLCs and professional service corporations are two such authorized entities.  When considering which entity may be right for you, it is important to note their differences. At least three issues distinguish professional LLCs from professional… Read More

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