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Notable New Amendments to the Washington LLC Act: Part Two

Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad | 5/18/2022
In 2022, the Washington State Legislature adopted several significant changes recommended by the Washington State Partnership Law Committee. In a previous post, I discussed two of these significant changes: (1) a member may voluntarily withdraw from a limited liability company at any time; and (2) a transferee of all of single-member’s LLC interest is automatically… Read More

Washington Supreme Court Rejects Effort to Recall Governor Inslee Based on COVID-19 Proclamations

Washington State Litigation Lawyer Todd J. Cook | 5/9/2022
In 2020, Governor Jay Inslee issued dozens of proclamations to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of those proclamations went so far as to order all non-essential workers to “Stay Home – Stay Healthy.”  It cannot be doubted that the Governor’s COVID-19 proclamations had real and meaningful impacts on the daily lives of Washingtonians.  Like all… Read More

Squeezing Blood From The Turnip: Collecting From Debtors Who Fraudulently Transfer Assets

Washington State Litigation Lawyer Andrew M. McKenzie | 5/2/2022
Lawyers often speak of clients being “judgment proof.”  This phrase does not mean a defendant enjoys immunity from a judgment being entered against them; rather, it refers to a potential judgment being worthless in a practical sense because the potential debtor would not have assets available for collection by the creditor.  There are a host… Read More

Dispute Resolution: Litigation vs. Arbitration vs. Mediation

Washington State Litigation Lawyer J Patrick Diener | 4/29/2022
Conflict is a natural part of business.  If you need convincing, just watch the cable TV show Billions. Conflict can arise between neighbors, between family members, and even between perfect strangers.  When a dispute results in injury, it may be time to hire a litigation attorney.  The primary job of a litigation attorney is to… Read More

Notable New Amendments to the Washington LLC Act

Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad | 4/27/2022
Introduction Since approximately 2010, I have had the privilege of participating in Washington’s Partnership Law Committee.  One of the functions of the Committee was to completely revise our LLC Act, which was achieved in 2016.  The Committee continues to work to improve our LLC Act and the 2022 legislature adopted several significant changes dealing with… Read More