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Cash-Out Mergers And Majority Control

Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad | 1/20/2021
Cash-mergers are one way controlling members of LLCs can legally extinguish the interest of minority members.  One of the leading commentators on “business divorce” is New York lawyer Peter Mahler.  This week, Peter outlined an influential New York appellate decision (see here), which dramatically alters the ability of controlling members of LLCs to oust minority… Read More

Mediation In Family Law Cases: Tips To Get The Best Outcome

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Lisa H. Do | 1/20/2021
It is not uncommon for a party trying to resolve a dispute regarding a family law matter to come to mediation unprepared, unfortunately even when represented by counsel. This jeopardizes the likelihood that mediation will be successful. [Mediation, also known as a settlement conference or alternative dispute resolution, is the process where parties attempt to… Read More

Disclosure Duties Of Real Estate Brokers

Washington State Real Estate Law Lawyer Andrew M. McKenzie | 1/20/2021
Most people with some experience in real estate transactions are aware of a seller’s duties generally to disclose to the buyer adverse material facts about the property being sold.  But what duties do brokers have in this regard?  Washington law imposes on brokers certain non-waivable duties owed “to all parties to whom the broker renders… Read More

Complex Real Estate Issues? We Help You And Your Agent Close The Deal

Washington State Business & Real Estate Lawyer William O. Kessler | 1/19/2021
When buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, the transaction can be mercifully simple- you work with your agent to sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement, work through lending and escrow, and sign a pile of paper to close. But it isn’t always simple: Is my fence on my neighbor’s lot? Do my neighbor’s… Read More

Washington State Revamps COVID Recovery Plan

Washington State Business & Real Estate Lawyer Todd J. Cook | 1/14/2021
Washington State has been on a long road to recovery ever since Governor Jay Inslee first issued his original “Stay Home-Stay Heathy” proclamation on March 23, 2020.  The Governor has now amended his original Stay Home order twelve times.  The last two amendments saw the Governor begin to rollback the “County by County Phased Reopening”… Read More

A Friendly Reminder: You And Your LLC Are Different

Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad | 1/13/2021
Individuals regularly hold their real estate in LLCs for many reasons, including asset protection, because an LLC is a “separate legal entity” RCW 25.15.071 (3) and members are not liable for debts of the LLC RCW 25.15.126 (1).  The distinction between an individual member and an LLC was front and center in a recent Washington… Read More

Carefully Drafting ….or Else!

Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad | 1/6/2021
Draft carefully, because ambiguous drafting may leave you at the mercy of default rules of the LLC Act.  A recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision, Marx v. Morris, 925 N.W.2d 112 (Wisc. 2019), illustrates the need for careful drafting. The Case’s Significance Before delving into the facts and dispute arising out of Marx, it is important… Read More

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