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What is Probate and Why is the Bank Asking for Letters?

The Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 6/7/2023
Has someone told you that you need “Letters” before they can tell you anything about your deceased loved one’s property? Clients will come in and tell me they went to the bank and were shut down by employees insisting they need “Letters” to settle their loved one’s estate. The bank will insist on Letters even… Read More

What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

The Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 5/24/2023
We’ve all seen shows or movies with a dramatic reading of the Will where the family gathers around and are shocked to find out that someone has been disinherited. When someone who has executed a Will passes away, their assets are distributed as dictated in their Will. The Will could leave everything to Neighbor Bob,… Read More

Requirements of a Will in Washington State

The Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 5/19/2023
There are several sitcom bits based off of someone writing their own Last Will and Testament. One of my personal favorites is in the show Parks and Recreation where Ron Swanson reveals the Will that he’s been carrying in his pocket since childhood, which reads “All my belongings shall transfer to the man or animal… Read More