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Separated but not yet Divorced or Legally Separated, What to do when Filing Taxes.

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Amanda N. Gamble | 5/6/2024
So, you’ve found yourself legally married but no longer holding yourself out to the world as a married couple. This does not necessarily require taking the step of living in separate residences. It simply means that, for all practical purposes, you are married in name only.  You also do not need a decree of legal… Read More

Coercive Control and Social Media in Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Connor M. Wicknick | 5/6/2024
In July 2022, the Washington Legislature passed House Bill 1901, which formally added “coercive control” to the domestic violence statute, RCW 7.105.010.   Coercive control is defined as a pattern of behavior that is used to cause another to suffer physical, emotional, or psychological harm, and in purpose or effect unreasonably interferes with a person's free… Read More

Commonly Held Myths Regarding Divorce

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Mackenzie O. Bretz | 4/23/2024
When you start the divorce process, you'll soon realize that many people have advice or horror stories to share with you. While some of their experiences can be helpful, people often spread myths about the divorce process. So, let's look at some of the most commonly held myths about getting a divorce. MYTH 1: Inheritance… Read More

Navigating Your Child’s Struggles at School with Your New Co-Parent

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Mackenzie O. Bretz | 3/21/2024
Being on the same page as your ex-partner is crucial when supporting your child's academic success. Effective communication and collaboration with your ex are essential if your child has expressed difficulty in school or if a teacher has reached out to you regarding concerns with your child's progress. Talking Parents or Our Family Wizard These… Read More

Advice from Family Law Attorneys

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Mackenzie O. Bretz | 2/26/2024
Here at Beresford Booth, I work with many experienced and knowledgeable family law attorneys. This week I put my boots on the ground and interviewed each one of them, to ask, what’s a piece of advice you would give to someone just beginning the divorce process, their answers may surprise you… Dimitra S Scott: “Keep… Read More

Cryptocurrency in a Divorce Action

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Anne B. Bennette | 2/7/2024
Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has become more of a mainstream asset than ever before.  Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most popular crypto coins available on the market.  As of this writing, Bitcoin is worth $44,049.20 per coin and Ethereum is worth $2,429.50 per coin; however, those values will fluctuate by the… Read More