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Washington Grandparents’ Rights In 2021 – New Law, Very Different Rules

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Walton L. Dabney | 4/27/2021
Washington courts have long recognized that maintaining a relationship with grandparents is generally in the best interest of the children.  If grandparents can make a case that they have been (and will continue to be) critical to the healthy and happy development of the grandchild, they have a good chance of successfully petitioning for some… Read More

Prevention Of Abusive Litigation Between Intimate Partners

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Lisa H. Do | 4/20/2021
Many survivors of abuse experience continuing and extensive court litigation by their former intimate partner as a form of control, intimidation, or harassment that, at its worse, can span years, even decades. The WA State legislature enacted statutes (Chapter 26.51 RCW), effective January 1, 2021, aimed to prevent abusive litigation between intimate partners and protect… Read More

Live-In Romance And Cohabitation Agreements. Plan Now, Worry Never.

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Walton L. Dabney | 3/23/2021
There are many personal reasons why people may wish to be in a live-in romantic situation without being married. But if you think you are avoiding the legal and property complications of marriage…  think again. Even though “common law marriage” is not a thing in Washington, there may be surprise shifts in money between you… Read More

Are Restricted Stock Units Considered Income For Child Support Purposes? (New Caselaw)

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Lisa H. Do | 3/16/2021
We finally have an answer as to whether vested and delivered Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) should be included as income when calculating child support, and the answer is YES, according to the WA State Court of Appeals, Division 1. First, what are RSUs? “Restricted stock units (RSUs) are a form of equity-based compensation consisting of… Read More

“Everyone And Their Mother” – Who Is Entitled To “Notice” In A Minor Guardianship Action?

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Walton L. Dabney | 2/23/2021
The Minor Guardianship law went into effect January 2021, replacing non-parental custody rules and procedures. It massively expanded the number of people to which you need to give notice.1 Previously, it was just a matter between the parents, whoever, had custody of the kids, and whoever wanted to get custody of the kids. Now, you… Read More

Child Support: Changes To The Law

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Lisa H. Do | 2/16/2021
If you have a current child support order or are looking to request, modify, or adjust child support, you should be aware that there have been a number of noteworthy changes to the child support laws in 2020. The following is a brief summary of some of the changes: What is “full-time” employment for purposes… Read More

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