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Komen Puget Sound Grace Notes Gala

By: BeresfordBooth

Our very own Lisa Hammel of Beresford Law chaired the annual 'Grace Notes Gala' for the Susan G. Komen Puget Sound. This year, she decided to go with a 'Speak Easy Roaring 20s' theme. The auction was very different than what they normally do and was a huge success! The gala included different bands, actors and even signature cocktails. It was a very high energy event and everyone was very into the spirit of the event! People from all over the U.S. came out to the event. The goal of this silent and live auction was to raise $950,000. It...Read More

Creating Positive Outcomes For Our Clients

By: Washington State Business and Real Estate Law Lawyer William O. Kessler

The lawyers of Beresford Booth harness our expertise to maximize the benefit for our clients in any given situation. This can mean transforming a seemingly dire situation to a positive outcome. We enjoy creating efficient and successful outcomes. Recently, we had a client whose financial position was bleak. His wife had died, leaving property in his hands. He called Beresford Booth PLLC and we helped our client take control of the estate. We quickly realized that as part of the estate, our client and his wife owned a shared property with a partner. We established that the partner owed our...Read More