Complex Real Estate Issues? We Help You And Your Agent Close The Deal

When buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, the transaction can be mercifully simple- you work with your agent to sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement, work through lending and escrow, and sign a pile of paper to close.

But it isn’t always simple:

  • Is my fence on my neighbor’s lot? Do my neighbor’s customers park on my lot? Possible issues with Adverse Possession / Prescriptive Easements.
  • Who needs to sign for that LLC-owner? Hint: the Secretary of State’s website means nothing.
  • Is that old mortgage really still on title? Your title company might make you clear it off before closing.
  • I’ve had a couple issues with the property, so how should I fill out the Seller Disclosure Statement / Form 17? Short version: very carefully!
  • What kind of deed should I give / get? It isn’t always a Statutory Warranty Deed.
  • I’m doing diligence for an industrial park – what is the leasing situation?
  • These easements are really confusing – should I be concerned? Maybe. Let’s take a look.
  • This title report is a mess of liens – can the seller even close this deal? Let’s review the preliminary commitment together.

When you and your agent face a curveball, and the clock is ticking, the two of you do not need all the answers. Whether buying or selling, our real estate lawyers find practical, efficient solutions to get your deal closed. Please do not hesitate to call if we can help.

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