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Adoption & Assisted Reproduction

Our Team

Dimitra S. Scott and Mark M. Demaray (Of Counsel) provide legal guidance for family formation, including adoption and assisted reproduction technology (ART).  Both Dimitra and Mark provide their clients with experience, knowledge and compassion needed for each unique case that comes through our firm.


Adoption is a terrific option for many people looking to start a family. With any major life decision, it is extremely important to have a full and complete understanding of the process and options regarding adoption. Our firm understands that the process can be intimidating and often confusing so, we help not only in reviewing the resources available to you, but also in determining what option may be the best suited for you and your family. Our attorneys are available to help you by discussing the first steps that must be taken to become legally ready to adopt a child and, once those initial steps have been taken, we can guide you and advise you on what networking and advertising methods our previous clients have used and found to be successful, and what options are available to assist in locating birth parents that are considering making an adoption plan.

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Assisted Reproduction (ART) and Surrogacy

As medical technology advancements continue to change and develop, more viable opportunities for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments and procedures have become available to those families experiencing fertility issues. While sperm donation has been available for years, in the last decade, donation of ova (i.e. eggs) and embryos have also become available and with reported success. There has also been an increase in in vitro cases as well. In this instance, a couple may conceive a child by using donor egg or donor sperm which are united to form an embryo which is then transferred to the intended mother’s reproductive tract such that pregnancy is achieved. The same basic medical processes can be achieved in a woman acting as a gestational surrogate, meaning that she gives birth to a child to whom she is not biologically related to for the benefit of the intended parents.

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