Adoption is a terrific option for many people looking to start a family. With any major life decision, it is extremely important to have a full and complete understanding of the process and options about adoption. Our firm understands that the process can be intimidating and often confusing so, we help not only in reviewing the resources available to you, but also in determining what option may be the best suited for you and your family. Our attorneys are available to help you by discussing the first steps that must be taken to become legally ready to adopt a child and, once those initial steps have been taken, we can guide you and advise you on what networking and advertising methods our previous clients have used and found to be successful, and what options are available to assist in locating birth parents that are considering making an adoption plan.

There are various types of adoption and programs that are available to prospective adoptive families. This includes domestic or international adoptions, public and private agency adoptions, private placement adoptions (also commonly known as independent adoptions or non-agency adoptions), stepparent and adult adoptions. With so many different adoptions and programs, our attorneys and staff are here to help you gather factual and accurate information to assist you in making an informed decision about what is right for you.

Once you have decided what type of adoption is best for you, and you have been matched with a birth family, our knowledgeable attorneys are here to ensure that your adoption is secure from a legal standpoint and handled with the utmost respect, confidentiality and professionalism you deserve. We are here to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have before, during, or after the adoption process.

Information for Birth Parents

Adoption is a process where you decide and choose what is best for you and your child’s future and is one of the most important decisions you will most likely make in your lifetime. We understand that every birth mother’s story is different, and it is important to find someone who understands and supports your decisions and unique circumstances. Our attorneys are here to assist you by explaining your options and assist you in making the most informed decisions as they relate to your exclusive situation.

Finding the right family is one of the most significant choices you must make in the process of creating an adoption plan. Rest assured that all prospective adoptive families must go through a screening and certification process (commonly known as an adoption Homestudy). This process ensures that the family you may select is able to provide your child with a safe, stable and loving home and environment. You can choose a family based on traits that are important to you and your baby. Some of these traits include where they live, siblings in the home, their background, hobbies or talents. You also have the option to contact prospective families directly, so that you can ask any questions that may be important to you. You also have the option to meet the family if you choose. This may help you to choose who you feel will be the best parents for your child and how they fit into your adoption plan.

Our attorneys are available to help you with any type of adoption you choose. This includes open or closed adoptions, traditional or single parent adoptions, or in-family adoptions. Whatever the circumstances are, our attorneys are here to help.