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Cryptocurrency in a Divorce Action

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Anne B. Bennette | 2/7/2024
Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has become more of a mainstream asset than ever before.  Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most popular crypto coins available on the market.  As of this writing, Bitcoin is worth $44,049.20 per coin and Ethereum is worth $2,429.50 per coin; however, those values will fluctuate by the… Read More

Asset Distribution in Divorce – Unvested Stocks and The Time Rule

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Anne B. Bennette | 1/24/2024
In a divorce action, the Court is required to distribute all assets and debts equitably (which does not necessarily mean equally).  The Court is also required to characterize the property awarded as either Separate Property or Community Property. Unvested stock awards are awards that are granted months or years before they fully vest.  It is… Read More

So, You’re Finally Ready to File for Divorce… How Do You Get Started?

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Mackenzie O. Bretz | 1/17/2024
First, let’s figure out what county you should be filing in. You should file your divorce case in the county where you or your spouse live. If you have children, it often makes sense to file in the county in which they are attending school. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient divorce, you… Read More

Every Month Domestic Violence Survivors Should be Recognized

Co-Authored by Mackenzie Bretz and Kelsey Affronte | 11/29/2023
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, however at Beresford Booth we recognize the importance of speaking out and advocating for domestic violence survivors every month. While the holidays are joyous occasions for many, it is a time of increased domestic violence. This is attributed to increased stress surrounding finances or planning, an increased likelihood… Read More

What is Extrapolated Income in a Child Support Order and When Will It Be Awarded?

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Anne B. Bennette | 10/31/2023
In Washington State, child support is a statutory calculation based on the parent’s combined net income.  This figure can be found in RCW 26.19.020 (the ‘Child Support Economic Table.’).  For example, if the combined net income of each parent equals $11,000/month, then Washington State has determined that the basic support obligation in a one-child family… Read More

Keeping the Holidays Enjoyable With Your New Co-Parent

Washington State Divorce & Family Law Lawyer Mackenzie O. Bretz | 10/4/2023
If it’s your first holiday season as new co-parents or if you’re a seasoned vet, you understand that holidays can be an emotional time if handled incorrectly. The drafting of your family law orders to how you communicate with your co-parent can all influence your celebrations. Communicating With Your Children if it’s Age Appropriate Communicate… Read More