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Step-Parent Adoption In Washington State

Washington State Family Law and Adoption Law Lawyer Dimitra S. Scott | 2/3/2021
When you're in a relationship with someone who has children from a prior relationship, it is not uncommon to bond with and treat those children as if they were your own.  It is important, however, to remember your rights as a step-parent differ substantially then the parental rights of a biological or legal parent.  Should… Read More

Is This Child An “Indian Child?” – When Do You Have “Reason To Know” That A Child Is An “Indian Child?”

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Walton L. Dabney | 1/27/2021
**This law uses the term “Indian Child” to refer to child members of federally recognized indigenous Native American political and cultural units. These units can be called tribes, bands, nations or any variety of nomenclature. For clarity, this blog posts uses the terms found in the law and in the mandatory forms when necessary to… Read More

Mediation In Family Law Cases: Tips To Get The Best Outcome

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Lisa H. Do | 1/20/2021
It is not uncommon for a party trying to resolve a dispute regarding a family law matter to come to mediation unprepared, unfortunately even when represented by counsel. This jeopardizes the likelihood that mediation will be successful. [Mediation, also known as a settlement conference or alternative dispute resolution, is the process where parties attempt to… Read More

When She Says You Are The One – Challenging Paternity In Marriage

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Walton L. Dabney | 11/19/2020
When two people love each other very much…. Or at least enough…. A baby can be the result. One or both of those loved-enough adults may be married at the time, although not necessarily to each other. These circumstances sometimes result in one spouse in a marriage contesting the parentage of a child born by… Read More

Home Buying While Divorcing – Can My Lender Demand My Ex’s Signature?

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Walton L. Dabney | 10/21/2020
Maybe. Imagine… You are just finishing up a divorce. Every property item is split, all the documents are signed, and you are just waiting for the court to bless your disunion. Your soon-to-be ex was entirely uncooperative has stopped all communication. Good riddance, you think. You find your next new home and purchase it by… Read More

Parent A vs. Parent B vs. Doctor U

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Walton L. Dabney | 9/22/2020
Pediatric healthcare and “joint” healthcare provisions in court orders and parenting plans. You are a pediatric healthcare provider. That means you have been - or will be -  dragged into disputes between parents when they cannot agree on the best medical strategy for their children. It is important to keep a clear delineation between your… Read More

Valuing Assets In Divorce During A Pandemic: Cryptocurrency

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Anne B. Bennette | 9/1/2020
Asset valuation is an important part of divorce litigation whether amid a pandemic or not.  However, especially now, it is important to understand that the economy is changing and that it will affect the value of assets and debts in your divorce in determining a fair and equitable award. In addition to determining what assets… Read More

Vacation And Sick Pay: Divisible Assets In A Divorce

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Lisa H. Do | 8/26/2020
It is generally known that assets such as real property and financial accounts are subject to division in a divorce. But what about accumulated vacation and sick leave? Employees depending on their benefits can accumulate hundreds, even thousands of hours of leave, and this vacation and sick time can be overlooked in a divorce. Unused… Read More

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