David C. Tingstad Spoke At Webinar About Washington State’s LLC Act

Posted: May 1, 2017

By: Washington State Business and Real Estate Lawyer David C. Tingstad

The webinar covered the following:

Understand the recent changes and additions to Washington’s LLC Act.LLCs are far and away, the most used legal entity in Washington and across the country. In 2016, Washington adopted a new limited liability company act (the ‘Act’). The Act made substantial changes to existing Washington law such that any practitioner forming LLCs, reviewing LLC agreements or involved in disputes between LLC members must be fully informed. This topic helps practitioners understand the Act, identify the provisions of LLC agreements affected by the Act and assist practitioners counseling LLC members. Without an understanding of the Act, properly drafted LLC agreements are not possible. This material is critical to any practitioner involved in any area of business law because LLCs are everywhere.

The webinar is available for purchase here:

Beresford Booth PLLC (425.776.4100), www.beresfordlaw.com

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