Diversity And Professionalism Training

One of the most effective practices any employer can have is frequent diversity training to employees, supervisors and managers.  Beresford Booth attorneys offer practical training to every group in the workplace.  When this sort of training is combined with effective diversity policies, it is a court-recognized affirmative defense to many commonplace employee claims, effectively cutting off many claims before they are filed.

It also opens lines of communication, allowing employers and managers to better understand their workplace and their workforce.  When diversity and sensitivity training are provided by an outsider, employees and managers often pay greater attention than when the training is provided in-house.  Our presence often produces more questions and this provides the employer with still more insight into the realities of their workplace.

We offer customized training programs for our clients, specifically catering to their work culture, operations, and policies.  Our goal is always to make these sessions interactive, facilitating communication and understanding of the importance of adherence to the laws and the company policies.  These sessions provide multiple examples and hypotheticals to assist in learning.  This training is designed not just to educate but to enable management to issue spot before legal issues arise.