Everett Announces A Second Round Of The Everett CARES Grant Program

The City of Everett has just announced its second round of a COVID-19 grant program created to assist small businesses located in Everett, with grants of $10,000 available for businesses with 1 to 20 employees, and $20,000 available for businesses with 21 to 50 employees.

Everett small businesses meeting the following eligibility requirements should submit a grant application by no later than 5:00 p.m. on September 11, 2020:

  • The business must be licensed by the City of Everett;
  • The business must be located within the City of Everett city limits;
  • The business cannot be a national chain;
  • The business must have paid all city taxes and fees current as of Dec. 31, 2019;
  • The business cannot be facing any pending litigation or legal action;
  • The business cannot have had state or city compliance or regulatory issues;
  • The business must currently have 1–50 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, which includes owners.  The number of FTEs and total number of people employed will be calculated as of January 1, 2020 and August 1, 2020;
  • The business cannot have received funds from the first round of the Everett CARES Small Business Grant Program;
  • While other grants or loans will not render a business ineligible, they must be disclosed on the application.

Although not all eligible businesses will receive grants, the awards are not made on a first-come, first-awarded basis.  All applications will be evaluated as long as they received by the deadline, and applications are open now.  The application period runs from August 20, 2020 through September 11, 2020.  Each applicant will receive an update as to their grant status by September 22, 2020.  Detailed information about the program can be found at: https://everettwa.gov/everettcares.

The lawyers at Beresford Booth PLLC are available to assist small businesses with all manner of legal issues that arise during these uncertain times.  Small businesses located in Snohomish County should also continue to monitor the Beresford Booth PLLC blog for further updates.

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