Look Out For LLC Scams In Washington State!

If you have a LLC or corporation registered with the Washington Secretary of State, be aware of scams and misleading letters. Scammers have been increasing their efforts, especially against new business owners. These hoaxes suggest you are required to pay for certificates, posters, or other documentation, when in fact, the state requires no such documentation or you are being overcharged to receive it. The Secretary of State posts information on many of these scams on its webpage. For example, the most recent grift purports to inform business owners they need to pay for a Certificate of Status: https://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/misleading-letters-asking-for-fees.aspx.

These scammers use documentation meant to look official, and many of them look like the Secretary of State’s actual written communications. Do not fall for it! Please reach out our office with any concerns you may have regarding your business.

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