Professional Presentation – Washington Probate Process from Start to Finish

Beresford Booth lawyer J Patrick Diener presented at the National Business Institute (NBI) Seminar, “Washington Probate Process from Start to Finish,” on Monday, September 18th.  NBI is committed to providing ongoing opportunities for continuing legal education on various topics to enable lawyers and legal support staff to increase their knowledge and skills.

Topics presented were:

  • Inventory and Appraisement
  • Locating Insurance Policies, Deeds and Other Ownership Documents
  • Obtaining a Tax ID and Marshaling Property
  • Preparing the Inventory and Appraisal Forms
  • Dealing with the Probate Referee
  • Managing Decedent’s Assets During Probate
  • Handling Common Valuation Issues
  • When to Hire a Valuation Specialist or Appraiser
  • Sale of Property and Distributions 
  • Disposition of Real Estate – Title Issues in Probate
  • Retirement Plans and IRA Distributions
  • Life Insurance and Other Beneficiary Designations and Accounts
  • Preliminary and Final Distributions
  • Calculating Augmented Estate and Spousal Elective Share
  • Dealing with the Surviving Family Members and Other Beneficiaries
  • Solving the Problem of Liquidity
  • Distributions to Trusts

  • Handling Claims Against the Estate
  • Required Creditor Notice
  • Determining Priority of Claims
  • Allowing and Rejecting Claims, and Paying Them
  • Handling Lawsuits Against the Estate and the Decedent
  • Insolvency Issues

J Patrick Diener is a litigator with over 18 years of experience representing clients across a wide array of industries in contractual, corporate, employment and real estate disputes, as well as matters of regulatory compliance.  In addition to business litigation, he has substantial experience in trust and estate disputes (TEDRA), representing personal representatives and trustees against all manner of claims and ensuring that directives expressed in wills and trusts are properly carried out.

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