Uncommon Assets Requiring Division In Divorce In Washington State

Posted: May 1, 2019

By: Washington State Family Law Lawyer Dimitra S. Scott

If you are in a divorce process, you have to think outside the box when you consider division of your estate—your estate may be more than just homes, cars, investments, and retirement accounts. Think about the activities, vacations, and other benefits you’ve enjoyed together, and you may find there are additional items up for discussion. Some of the more uncommon assets requiring division include:

• Airline miles and Reward Points
• Cryptocurrency
• Venmo or Paypal accounts
• Pets (as they are considered property and, therefore, an asset)
• Gold/Silver/Other precious metals held in physical form, such as coins, bars, and silverware
• Genetic Material
• Timeshares and fractional ownership in property
• DST Investments
• Season Tickets
• Intellectual Property Rights
• Personal property with sentimental value

Identifying these uncommon assets is only the first step. Valuing the asset and determining how it can be divided between the parties often requires professional assistance. At Beresford Booth, our divorce and family law lawyers understand the intricacies and challenges of dividing these uncommon assets in a divorce. We would be pleased to help you through your divorce matters.

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