Workplace Investigations

As your counsel, Beresford Booth attorneys can conduct and assist with investigations into complaints of harassment, discrimination and/or other workplace misconduct.  There are a variety of means by which this can be accomplished; we can either conduct the investigation on your behalf and provide guidance based on the findings, or we can work behind the scenes, guiding you in the process and helping you evaluate your findings.

We also frequently function as independent workplace investigators.  In this capacity, we act as a fact finder and the employer works with its usual attorney to evaluate the evidence and decide how to respond to the complaint after the investigation is completed.  While we bring my years of employment law experience to an independent investigation, in this capacity our role is that of a neutral unbiased investigator.

In either scenario, our extensive knowledge of employment law, experience in litigating employment matters, and understanding of human resources issues ensure the most thorough investigation possible.