Community Spotlight – Run To Win

Beresford Booth is a proud sponsor for the 32nd Annual Run To Win Golf Classic taking place Monday, September 18th at 11:00 a.m. at Harbour Pointe Golf Club.  To join us in sponsoring or to sign up to participate, please click HERE

Run To Win (RTW) is a non-profit outreach program that was founded in 1991 by Mike and Karen Rohrbach who had “a desire to make a difference in kids, athletes, and coaches lives through a commitment to Jesus Christ.” The outreach has grown from putting on one sports camp its first year to serving 800 campers this past summer in 33 different camps across the Puget Sound Region.  RTW not only puts on sports camps throughout the Pacific Northwest, but it also has a chaplaincy program and sponsors community events.  Mike, who currently serves as Director of Chaplaincy has recently turned over operations to his daughter Caitlyn Houvener who serves as the Executive Director.  Caitlyn continues to bring fresh inspiration to the Run To Win program and recently added a special new mascot to the team: Rohry the Lion!

Run to Win is rooted in faith, sports, and community.  Their foundational mission is to share the love and hope of Jesus through sports.  Through sports, kids learn lessons they are unable to learn anywhere else.  RTW strives to grow and Develop Winners On and Off the Playing Field.  The RTW team knows that all were created to be part of a community and they consider all of us part of their team!  Please join us in supporting Run To Win and all the great things they do for the Edmonds community and beyond!  To make a direct contribution to Run To Win, please click HERE.