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Every Month Domestic Violence Survivors Should be Recognized

Co-Authored by Mackenzie Bretz and Kelsey Affronte | 11/29/2023
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, however at Beresford Booth we recognize the importance of speaking out and advocating for domestic violence survivors every month. While the holidays are joyous occasions for many, it is a time of increased domestic violence. This is attributed to increased stress surrounding finances or planning, an increased likelihood… Read More

What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

The Lawyers at Beresford Booth | 5/24/2023
We’ve all seen shows or movies with a dramatic reading of the Will where the family gathers around and are shocked to find out that someone has been disinherited. When someone who has executed a Will passes away, their assets are distributed as dictated in their Will. The Will could leave everything to Neighbor Bob,… Read More

Beresford Booth Presents: Our New Business Legal Review and Diagnostic Service

The Business Law Group | 1/26/2022
In his 1962 State of the Union address, President John F. Kennedy sagely advised that “the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” He didn’t live in Seattle. There is no doubt his advice—the promotion of planning and preparation—was well-intentioned and sound, but it isn’t always practical to wait for a… Read More

Is This Child An “Indian Child?” – When Do You Have “Reason To Know” That A Child Is An “Indian Child?”

Washington State Family Law Lawyer Walton L. Dabney | 1/27/2021
**This law uses the term “Indian Child” to refer to child members of federally recognized indigenous Native American political and cultural units. These units can be called tribes, bands, nations or any variety of nomenclature. For clarity, this blog posts uses the terms found in the law and in the mandatory forms when necessary to… Read More

Webinar May 21st, 2020

BeresfordBooth | 5/21/2020
Part 1 - David C. Tingstad speaks about the latest information on SBA PPP Loans and Forgiveness. .pdf download of David Tingstad's presentation Part 2 - Andrew M. McKenzie addresses the ramifications of Seattle's COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium. Read More

Webinar May 7th, 2020

BeresfordBooth | 5/7/2020
Matthew J. Cruz presents on Estate Planning & COVID-19. .pdf download of Matt Cruz's presentation David C. Tingstad speaks about the latest on PPP loan forgiveness. Read More

Webinar April 30th, 2020

BeresfordBooth | 4/30/2020
Lisa H. Do presents on The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Parenting Plans. William (Bill) O. Kessler covers Construction Gradually Reopening in Washington State. Read More

Webinar April 23rd, 2020

BeresfordBooth | 4/23/2020
David C. Tingstad & Per E. Oscarsson will discuss the latest information on the SBA PPP Loan Program. Anne B. Bennette will cover issues with pending dissolutions during COVID-19 (i.e. the value of property, effect on retirement, the economic positions of each spouse, etc.) Read More